The Turbo Exhaust Tube ™

Is best used with the SpiralMax   Turbo Air Twister.

The Turbo Exhaust Tube ™ is installed at the tailpipe. It will fit round, oval, or concentric, tailpipes. The Turbo Exhaust Tube generates a spiral exhaust flow, which creates a vacuum that expels the hot exhaust air out faster, thus lowering the back pressure and allowing the engine to breath better. The design is such that the unit is continuously tuned to your engine's RPM, and is self-tuning for various driving conditions. For the insert type you may install one or more units.

Combined with the SpiralMax unit(s), it will generate a pleasant, mellow tone. The tailpipe will be cleaner.


Remember air resistance is the enemy of your car engine. It robs your car of power. The Turbo Exhaust Tube ™ and the SpiralMax promote free airflow through an engine

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bulletInsert type: compression fit, or welds on - $69.95 each. You can order Multiple units.
bulletChrome Tip: sleeves over tailpipe, screw on - $99.95 each.
bulletAluminum Billet: sleeves over tailpipe, bolt on - $99.95 each.

U.S.A. Shipping and handling is $9.00 up to 2 units. California residents add 8.25% sales tax.

bulletInsert type: measure inside diameter for round tailpipes. If oval, trace the shape and fax or mail in with complete order.
bulletChrome tip: measure outside diameter, round tailpipes only.
bulletAluminum Billet: measure outside diameter, round tailpipes only.

If you have some unusual shape or size, you can fax an illustration and questions to us at (626) 282-3885 for review and recommendation.

The Turbo Exhaust Tube ™ may be used alone or as an adjunct to the SpiralMax ™ Turbo Air Twister, and will fit a variety of Exhaust and tailpipe systems, including most after market tailpipes. It is easy to install, and totally maintenance free. It is made in the USA. Constructed from stainless steel/aluminum.

Warranty: 30 day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. If not happy, return it with copy of your receipt for refund excludes Shipping and Handling. Warranty is void if damaged, distorted or installed improperly.

Turbo Exhaust Tube Install





Rally Racers Choice, oversized billet aluminum, machine milled, brush finished, lifetime anodized silver or gold turbo exhaust tube bolt on type, with two improved bolt on brackets, four contact points for perfect installation. 3.25" barrel x 5" length, adjustable maximum inlet 2 5/8". Fits round tailpipe tips.  Price $99.95 each

SpiralMax - SpiralTech, Inc.CLICK HEREIf you have any question, on this product.

First of all I want to thank you for the TET and the logos...the "supercharged" logo is a very nice touch to the car. I really noticed a difference with the TET installed it helped a lot with exhaust removal and backpressure and exceptionally well with improving the cars turbo lag. I'm is my pleasure to introduce your products to everyone I come in contact...People in my car club are very interested in your products as well... Thanks, Drew
I purchased the Turbo Exhaust Tube first, for my '98 Infinity I30, to see how well the technology worked (because the install appeared to be extremely simple and it was). I noticed an immediate improvement in power during normal acceleration (not stomping on the gas pedal). I then purchased the Turbo Air Twister for the intake and got more of the same and then some. The additional power becomes more evident when you are "putting your foot in it". I've owned a few different sports cars in the past and only realized this type of performance boost by changing no less than both the factory intake [air filter] and exhaust systems with "high performance" products. Obviously, at a much higher expense. I would--and have--recommend SpiralMax to anyone I know who's interested in performance improvements for their vehicle. Sincerely, F. Mossman Phoenix, AZ
As you know, I purchased a Turbo Exhaust Insert. I would like to comment on how much difference it made in my fuel economy. It is hard for me to measure a precise gain; however, from what I can guesstimate, it increased my mileage by 2.4 MPG. I installed it in a 2000 Toyota Tacoma Pre-runner. The product was rather easy to install by simply inserting it into the end of the exhaust pipe. The vortex it creates is strong enough to relieve enough back pressure to allow the engine to work more efficiently without having to modify the exhaust system. There is a noticeable difference in the performance of the vehicle. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to increase fuel economy and performance. As you and I discussed, I will be ordering the Aluminum Billet and another insert. Right now the funds are low and I am waiting until I can build my funds back up. I have been spending money on other things and have spent more than I wanted to. You will be receiving my order in the near future. I hope that this answers any questions you may have. Best wishes, Joe Tampa, FL.


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