Frequently Asked and Answered Questions

Q1: Are there any negative effects using SpiralMax ® on my car/truck?
A: No, there are no negative effects with SpiralMax ®, it merely swirls the air into the combustion chamber and has the California Air Resource Bureau # EOD 400-6 SpiralMax has the California Air Resource Board EOD 400-6 number which makes it legal to advertise, sell and install on all internal combustion engines for Vehicles of Any Year;  will not void new car warranty, it is street legal in all (50) fifty states of the United States of America. We have thousands of cars, that have operated over ten's of millions of miles with SpiralMax ®, and  keeps on going as smooth as ever.
Q2: Does it work with after market accessories?
A: It works with all after-market cold air intakes, all known high flow filters, headers, performance chips and exhausts. Remember, it merely swirls the air creating a vortex for better combustion,  and has no negative effect.  Better combustion is always good for the car,  poor combustion is the source for premature failure of components.  One hundred percent vaporized gas gives you better combustion.
Q3: I have a blower/supercharger, or turbocharged car already, does it help?
A: Yes, those devices are expensive and force more air in, SpiralMax ® takes that air and swirls it for even better combustion.
Q4: I have a Chevy Vortec engine, notched cylinder head,  it already swirls the air,  does SpiralMax ® help there?
A: Yes, and you will get a bigger boost in hp and gas savings.
Q5: I use premium gasoline will this allow me to use a lower octane gas?
A: In many cases, we get customer feedback that with SpiralMax ®  installed, switching to a lower octane gas shows no difference, and no pinging. Each person has to experiment  and see if it is suitable for your car. If it is, you will save a lot more faster each time you gas up, savings of $5-6.00 per tank is not a small sum. If you gas up 3x's a month that could be another $15-$18.00 saved, plus you get better mpg, and hp. In a few months it is full pay back on the purchase price, and money in the bank.
Q6: Do I have to make any adjus®ents on my car?
A: For carburetor types, you may have to lower the idle a bit, as it is running more efficiently. For EFI types,  If you have a late model EFI type car reset the computer.  Remove the negative and positive battery terminal for a minimum of 30 minutes then reconnect.  This will reset the air - fuel mixture. One "drive around the block and you should feel the power."
Q7: Do I need to do any adjustments other than the above?
A: Probably the most important adjustment you will need to make is getting used to the increased hp and torque, for the same speed you do not need to step on the gas pedal as much. You may find your pressure on the pedal for the same speed is about 20-30% less, especially at freeway cruising speeds. The car will coast further on idle, as even that small amount of gas is being utilized more efficiently. Advise other drivers the car is  now more powerful.
Q8: Why is the SpiralMax a smart turbo and a good buy?
A: What other product can produce this kind of performance, cost less than $80,  last forever,  and you don't need to maintain anything on it?  What kind of product has this, and also offers money back guarantee, and lifetime warranty?  Every car should have one. . .
Q9: What  car's get the best boost?
A: This is hard to nail down specifically,  the condition of each car is different, however, sport  cars usually get more dramatic results.
*EFI type cars with an air intake hose to the throttle may use multiple units for increased performance.  Call, or e-Mail for details.


Q10: How easy is it to install?

A: It very easy to install with just basic tools, a screwdriver may be all you need. For late model EFI cars with an air intake hose, it is inserted inside the hose.  For Carburetor and throttle body injector type cars, it is sandwiched around the circumference of the  intake well, and sealed in the outside rim.


Q11: How fast do you deliver?
A: Units are normally shipped out on the next working day, daily cutoff is at 2 PM Pacific Time Zone (Monday - Friday).  For faster service, use our online order form,  fax your order or call us using your credit card.  We ship by U.S. Postal Service and orders normally are received within 5 to 10 working days.
Q12: Will it effect my new car warranty?
A: No, it has the California Air Resource Board EOD Number of 400-6, and is illegal for any dealer to refuse new car warranty coverage.  Obtaining the CARB Number is very difficult and can cost upwards of US$ 250,000 to obtain the certification.  An automotive device that goes in the engine without this certification could be subject to very stiff fines, and may be considered tampering with the emissions, which is a violation of the U.S. "Clean Air Act".   SpiralMax ® is street legal.
Q13: Where is the product made?
A: It is made in the United States of America.
Q14: How do I get technical assistance?
A: Between 10 AM and 4PM Pacific Time Zone, Monday through Friday you may call us at (800) 758-2017 toll free within the U.S. and Canada, outside the U.S. and Canada call (626) 458-8700.  Or you can eMail ( us or  FAX us at (626) 282-3885 at any time.  We will be glad to assist you.
Q15: How many units can I put in my car?
A: If you have an EFI type car, you may install two (2) units for a near double boost.   For More Information CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE INSTALLATION PHOTO.
Q16: My car has (2) two air intake hoses. How many do I need?
A: One (1) unit per hose is basic. If you have two (2) hoses you will need two (2) units.  If you want to get more boost then two (2) units per hose for a total of four (4) units.
Q17: Don't you have the sizes for my car?
A:  It's always better to take your own measurement before you order.  Different regions, may have different sizes.  We have various sizes to fit.
Q18: What do I measure?
A: For late model EFI cars, measure the inside "diameter" on both ends of the air intake hose, after the air filter.  Make allowance for the lip, as the hose goes over a male hose or intake.  The SpiralMax ® for EFI cars is 1.75"  high.  For CARB and TBI cars it is the outside diameter of the intake well, 3", 4" or 5" diameter.  If you have questions, please call us.
Q19: Why do I have to remove my battery terminals?
A: Air -  fuel ratio is computer controlled, and the SpiralMax ® will create a unique vortex.  Removing the negative battery post for 30 minutes forces the computer to reset itself and adjust for the more efficient air coming in.  We recommend all computerized cars do this step, especially if you do not feel increased power in the first two (2) minutes of a test drive.  This would be the same procedure even if  you change your spark plugs. Please "NOTE" below.
Q20: Can I order by phone?
A: YES. You may call us during business hours to place your order.  Please have your credit card ready and any necessary measurements. We prefer that you place your order off the web page.  If  you use the on-line order form you get a discount.

NOTE: On some late model EFI type cars removing the negative post to reset the computer takes special procedures.  PLEASE refer to your Owners Manual or call your dealer, if you are not sure.


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