SpiralMax Users Corner

SpiralMax Users Corner

Share your experience using SpiralMax ® - (Turbo Air Twister SM) - and Turbo Exhaust Tube ™, etc., send your eMail with any photographs (please scan photos at 72 DPI, in JPG format) to

SpiralMax Performance WHAT USERS SAY ABOUT THE SpiralMax ®
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2001 WS6 Ram-Air Trans-Am preliminary results 41 hp gain!

From: Norte David A (David) <>

I would like to report to you some initial results from using your SpiralMax product on my 2001 WS6 Ram-Air TransAm, which only had accumulated 4,300 miles at the time of installing the SpiralMax unit. As you may know, the 2001 WS6 Ram-Air TransAms are equipped with the intake manifold that comes standard on the Z06 Corvettes. This intake manifold has the general shape of the shell of a snail (consecutive circular rings) and is manufactured from a thermoplastic material, which keeps the intake charge cooler than conventional cast iron or aluminum manifolds.

the incoming air from the throttle body should closely match the profile of the manifold. SpiralMax produces a swirl-like air profile that very closely matches the profile (circular ring) structure of my TransAm's LS1 intake manifold. By inserting a single SpiralMax unit immediately before the single-bore throttle body on my 350 cubic-inch LS1 engine, my expectations were very high about the potential performance improvement due to this "matching" characteristic.

 Before installing the unit into the intake hose, I disconnected both the positive and negative battery terminals and reconnected them to the battery the following morning approximately 11 hours later. The instructions state that the blades of the SpiralMax unit can be place in either direction with the intake hose. By using a small fan, I was able to determine that better swirling characteristics ere achieved by placing the blades such that they faced away from the fan. This situation would correlate with placing the blades such that they face the throttle body.

 The stock intake hose, in which the SpiralMax unit was installed, was very short in length, due to the location of the Ram-Air box being very close to the throttle body. There was just barely enough room within the intake hose to fit two SpiralMax units back-to-back. Even though there is just enough room for two units, I only installed one unit. The next morning after the installation, I reconnected both battery terminals and fired up my Black Fury. I immediately notice a much improved throttle response, especially at full-throttle, which I expected. Using my GTEC Pro accelerometer, my rear wheel horsepower increased from 390 hp to 431 hp, a gain of 41 hp at the rear wheels! Needless to say, I was extremely impressed, especially since this improvement was achieved at 5,280 feet of elevation. I will be order a second SpiralMax unit shortly to determine if further improvement in horsepower gain can be achieved. I'll keep you informed about these future results as they become available. I will also keep you informed about the effects of the SpiralMax unit on gas mileage. for now, my baseline mileage is 20-22 mpg.
'til next time.

David (Engineer)
Denver, Colorado


Registration No. : 004                                            Date Tested: 02/16/2005

Vehicle Type: CAMARO RS 92                           Gear Used: 4


Run 1

Run 2














































Dynamometer Test

Before and after comparison dynamometer test results on a 1994 Chevy S-10 Vortec engine 6 cyl. 4.3 liter. Tests done on Dynojet's model 248C by an independent dynamometer shop. All tests are on file. Two SpiralMax™ units used.

Baseline                                 With SpiralMax
Rpm torque/hp/secs.                      torque/hp/secs.
----+----------------                    ------------------
2100  80.7/32.2/.54                      125.5/50.2/1.33
2500 106.1/50.5/2.13                     149.3/71.1/2.43
3000 123.2/68.0/3.41*                    169.1/96.6/3.59*
3500 143.1/95.4/5.17                     171.2/114.1/4.66

* Note: At 3k rpm, in 3.59 secs. with SpiralMax™, torque was 45.9 lb/ft and HP was 28.6 HP more, and achieved .18 secs faster than baseline stock vehicle!

 This Customer Likes SpiralMax So Much He Wants To Be A Dealer !

(Photo is of a SpiralMax In front of Mass Air)


Bob, as per our earlier conversations, I ordered one of your units and I am impressed with it. I am going to e-mail you some photos as to what placement I put the SpiralMax in and would like you to tell me what you think. If this is not the ideal set up then let me know what would be.

Also I still am interested in becoming a Dealer as we spoke about originally, would you please let me know about dealer pricing ASAP.

Thanks, Robert

Robert is a SpiralMax ® Dealer

Powertoyz Performance
12356 SW 117 Court
Miami, FL 33165
Telephone: 305-256-1023

1994 Camry 6/3.0 Dyno Test
Dyno test done by Superior Automotive, Garden Grove, CA. 92641
on Dynojet's Model 248C Dynamometer

1994 Camry 6 cyl. 3 litre. 70,100 miles on the odometer. Maximum power and torque at 5,000  rpm, HP measured at the wheels.

      Stock car                    112.1 HP     117.0 torque

With SpiralMax(®

2 units installed             122.5 HP     126.2 torque
        INCREASE                 10.4 HP       9.2

May-June 1999 Issue of Street Racer Magazine Tests SpiralMax ® Page 38

Simple Horsepower

Lately, we have gotten a lot of mail about an ad that runs in the magazine. The ad is the SpiralMax Air Twister. In their ad they claim that you can gain in mpg and also hp. We decided to get two of the units and install them into Todd's Civic (Todd is a staff member). Now Todd has had the '97 DX for about six months and its still stock for the most part. he says its his wife's and he won't spend good money on it. Boy Trish, it sounds like he really loves you. We installed a SpiralMax unit at each end of the AEM intake and took the Civic for a joy ride. Off the line there was no substantial increase, however at higher speeds a horsepower gain was evident. The engine also ran smoother and with less effort... A big difference. We did not have hours to spend testing the mileage, so we called Trish and asked her to keep track and get back to us. After about 5 days she called back and said that she was getting about 8 more miles per gallon. Not too bad at all. If you want to check out the SpiralMax dial up their web site . . . You may call your book store for copy or ask Street Racer - Tel: (925) 682-9900.

1986 Mercury Sable
3.0L Engine
Automatic Transmission
154,759 miles on the car. 1 SpiralMax® unit used.
          Without SpiralMax™   With SpiralMax™
3500 RPM                091                   127           +36HP

1995 Chevrolet, Beretta
3.1L, V-6 Engine
Automatic Transmission W/OD
35,879 miles on the car. 1 SpiralMax™ unit used.
          Without SpiralMax®    With SpiralMax®
3000 RPM               162                    179           +17HP

Title: Supra Dynamometer Test
 From: Espiet, Jose (Humacao P.R. 00791)

My feedback above SpiralMax:

"I have a Toyota non turbo Supra 1991. I test the last week my car in the Dyno, see the results:

Without SpiralMax:            With SpiralMax:
------------------           ----------------
test #1 197.4 hp            test #4 206.6  hp
test #2 196.8 hp            test #5 207.2  hp
test #3 197.6 hp            test #3 207.8  hp
ABS 197.26 hp                   ABS 207.20 hp

9.94 hp plus !!! and the torque curve increase...

 2002 Chevy Avalanche 8/5.3

Turbo Exhaust Tube

That sounds great, thank you, go ahead and ship it. I installed the SpiralMax Air Twister into my truck, wow, what a difference. Before i installed it my truck had decent get up and go, now you can actually feel the difference, off the line as well as higher speeds. It would jump when I put the pedal to the floor between 60 & 65, now if I'm doing between 70 & 75 it will lift my front end when I hit it, to pass a slower moving vehicle of course...I can't wait to get the TET insert and add that to the works. Thanks again. Dwain Wood

PS: "Those with the same model car, can contact Mr. Wood via email if any further questions, A national Avalanche car club can be organized."
 2001 Toyota Camry 4 cyl. 2.2

Walter G. Bruinsma

Being a retired Presbyterian minister with an interest in automotive technology in addition to theology, I found my 2001 Toyota Camry (4 cyl. 2.2) just a bit too sluggish for my tastes. Upon checking the internet for an after-market turbo system, Spiral Max showed up! Since it was reasonable to obtain and easy to install, I was a bit skeptical about all the performance promises...until I installed it. It was almost unbelievable that such a relatively simple device can improve power and performance the way this does. An immediate difference noticed was the way in which the automatic transmission works through the gears with an amazingly improved delivery of torque, the way it is supposed to work. It is like I am driving
a different car...and I am THRILLED!

500 hp Chevy Vega drag racer 

K and D Power Performance Tel: 580-226-7412 Ardmore, OK

Dear Ken and Don,

My name is Rick Armstrong. For the last three years, I've been drag racing a 1974 Chevy Vega, with a 355 cubic inch, approximately 500 hp. The car has a PowerGlide Transmission, Ford 9" rear end, with 5:43 gears. I run a Holly Double Pumper carb. The car weighs in at 2,400 lbs. I was recently introduced to the SpiralMax ® product by Larry Bivins, of Bivin's Auto Parts of Ardmore, one of your distributors. He has been a drag racer himself, and knows the demands of drag racing, and the search for lower ET's(elapsed times). He encouraged me to try SpiralMax ® on my car. On Oct 6, 2000 I went to the local drag strip, for test and tune day, and ran the Vega without and with the SpiralMax ® installed. (note: our local strip, for insurance purposes, has the time trap at the 1,000 ft mark, instead of the 1,320). We installed the SpiralMax ® in the "stack" of my air breather. I was so impressed with the results that I repeated the tests both without and with, just to make sure that the results were actually true. I must say that I am more than impressed! I have included my time slips for your viewing. The time slips do not lie! This car runs very consistently, and as you can see, with the SpiralMax ® installed, my ET's definitely dropped. While the decrease in elapsed time might not seem like much to those who do not race, anyone that builds and runs cars knows the expense involved to gain any kind of advantage in elapsed times. I dropped my times just by installing this inexpensive little device. These results are very impressive indeed!  I want to thank K and D Power Performance, and Larrry Bivins, for introducing me to SprialMax ®. I look forward to experimenting with other applications of the product on this car, perhaps double stacking them, and perhaps in my exhaust, as you have suggested. SpiralMax ® has proven itself in a very tough, demanding environment! Great product!

Sincerely, Rick Armstrong

SpiralMax ® Results With and Without

A68 Rick Armstrong

10-06-2000 Ardmore Raceway







 My name is Derek Burke, I am a director of a company called Storm Force we are based in the UK. As a company we have been looking for new and innovative performance products for a long time. I came across the spiralmax and was very impressed by its performance statistics.
I drive a Saab cse and decided to purchase one to test on my vehicle as I needed the confidence in the product in order to sell to my clients. I was pleasantly surprised as after fitting the spiralmax i noticed a vast difference in performance when driving at mid to high revs ranges and also my on board fuel computer gave a fuel gain of 3 mpg even though I was driving at higher revs than normal.Because of this experience I am convinced this product can achieve the results it boasts. For these reasons i can confidently say to my clients "trust me you will feel the difference in your cars performance". I am that confident in this product I have offered a  full money back guarantee to any customer that is not impressed with its ability. Recently, I have had to remove the spiralmax from my car to meet a customers requirements, the performance returned to normal.  What a let down so I purchased another the vey next day.

We are storm-force performance a forward think company specialising in performance components. We are pleased to be the UK dealer for Spiralmax(r) a component that gives you exceptional performance just when you need it whilst also improving fuel economy a feature that is becoming more inportant as fuel prices rocket.There is nothing on the market like it,easy to install no cutting,drilling or modifying of original components,can be fitted as stand alone or to improve any existing enhancements already fitted. You Will Enjoy the spiralmax range so call us on 0870 2430797 or e-mail us on
we are awaiting your call.



2002 Ferrari Spider 360

From: "Ibrahim Gokce Yayla" <>

Dear SpiralMax,

I wanted to send you this mail to thank you and congratulate you for your SpiralMax product. I installed the spirals on my Ferrari 360 Spider. We first installed the exhaust spirals (on four tips), which resulted in a clear difference on the first drive around the block. But an even bigger difference was observed after installing the air-intake spirals (two of them for the 360). The car is not only significantly quicker, but to my surprise, it also started shifting gears much more smoothly! I love the F-1 transmission even better now. It's absolutely amazing that a five minute addition can make such an improvement. At first, I was skeptical to play with an expensive car, but then I realized that the installation is nothing more than what you would do for an air filter replacement! The exhaust spirals are nothing more than the insertion of the spirals into the tips; without soldering, screwing or cutting, they stay there stand alone and suck the air out quicker. From now on, all my cars will have the SpiralMax. Thank you for your contribution to the world of car enthusiasts. Ibrahim.

Dodge Dakota 1999

Hi, I'm Rafael, I have a Dodge Dakota 1999 2.5l 4cyl. . My engine has only a jet performance chip stage 1 . I recently bought 2 SpiralMax units. I have to say that . I didn't think that it would work...But after I correctly installed the units (because I hadn't read the instructions), it was amazing the gain in power!!! I can tell you that with these two units I got 15% more horsepower. The difference that I felt starts at 2000rpm, but after 3000rpm the gain was even greater. I still don't know about the fuel economy because I'm driving more aggressively and my objective is to get more power. I did it . I recommend to those who wants to get power without spending a lot of money to get the incredible SpiralMax devices. My next step is an airaid filter to help my engine to breath better and one more SpiralMax. Rafael Rojas, South America . . . Brazil  . . .

1995 Dodge Dakota 6/3.9

Well as you know I bought (1) SpiralMax and (2) turbo exhaust twisters . . . I get about (4) plus miles per gallon more and a lot more zip for my dollar, having changed the chip and changing the rear-end to higher gears, I got more performance from you product than all the rest put together. Now I can haul my gators around in style . . . . . . Thank you, Martin Twofeathers, Alligator Educator. My Home Page is eMail:

Subject: Mustang 6/3.8 Testimony

From: Freddy Valenti

Hi, my name is Freddy Valenti, and I have a 1996 Mustang 3.8 V6 STEEDA. Before I added the Spiralmax units to my car, I had STEEDA (a high performance Mustang shop in Florida) put a Pro V6 exhaust, K&N air filter, and a hyper chip in my car. My horse power went from 150 (stock) to 180 hp. It wasn't until I moved from Florida to Calif. that I was told about Spiralmax by one of my coworkers (Reed's Body & Fender). So I checked them out on there web site. I thought to myself that it couldn't hurt to try them out. So I got two units to put in my intake tube. To tell you the truth I really didn't think that it would work. Boy was I ever wrong. If I have to guess the horsepower in my car now, I have to say that it is in the 200 hp range, thanks to Spiralmax. My car, at 2,500 rpm starts to pull like the car was turbocharged. I mean you can really feel the power. Since I just moved out here (Calif.), I don't know where I can go to get a dyno test done. When I do, I will write back to tell you what it was. If anyone has any questions you can e-mail me at SHDO69@AOL.COM . I attached some pics of my car if anyone wants to see it. So once again ..... thank you Spiralmax. Freddy Valenti

NASA Engineer on SpiralMax ® - Explorer and Beetle

Subject: RE: SpiralMax ® and your car
   From: Gross, Ron I (N-KirkMayer) <>* (address altered)

One unit was installed on a 98 Explorer. Road mileage went from 14 to 20. City stayed the same. V8. 98 Beetle was the second installed, I have a supercharger, performance was increased but mileage stayed the same as before the supercharger.

The unit works, Ron Gross - NASA Engineer


From: Douglas Cabaniss []

Douglas Cabaniss, Ft Worth, TX

My 1999 "SpiralMaxed-Out" Toyota Pre-Runner SR5. Two intake, two exhaust units for excellent get up and go! When my foot is out of the throttle body, great mileage is the other reward. Please keep your money back guarantee, I won't be needing it. Thanks again for your fine products.

From: Norman Brown <>

The car is a 92 Nissan Stanza. The before SpiralMax on the Dynamometer was 172, the after SpiralMax was installed was 184. The car already had intake, exhaust, ignition, fuel regulator, and torque converter.

Norman Brown 

Picture was taken at The Ranch Country Club. On the park hill, by I-25 hwy. Denver, Colorado. My car is a 1994 Chevy Beretta Z26. I have customized cool air and two Spiralmax® Turbo Air Twisters. And Max Speed high performance exhaust system. My performance without the two      Spiralmax® was good. Stock 197hp. plus 20-30 with cool air and exhaust. With two Spiralmax® I gained 25-30hp. plus about 6 pounds of torque and saved 120 miles to my original tank of gas. The difference being I spent $600 on cool air and exhaust, and received the same amount of HP! This is a good deal to anyone who wants that extra power when you drive or race. Thanks Spiralmax® for everything! Denver, Colorado Dealer: Justin J. Cooper   Ph: (303) 469-5736 E-mail me @: Feel free to ask any questions regarding Spiralmax®

JD Brown High Point, NC


Ride:  1992 25th Anniversary RS

Info & Mods:  Ultra Blue/grey, t-tops, L03 TBI w/ 700r4, Hypertech Thermomaster Chip w/ 160° thermostat, Edelbrock breather, High-Flow Cat, Flowmaster cat-back exhaust, 3" chrome tips, 15X8.5 Drag Stars wrapped in 245/60s in the rear and 225/60s up front, lowered 1.75", Lakewood adjustable panhard rod, KYB shocks & struts, Speed Limiter bypass switch, Z28 spoiler, SpiralMax installed, 1LE A/C delete pulley.  Denon 850 CD player, 2- Crossfire Double Bass 12" subs, 2- Alpine 6X9s, 650 watt Crossfire amp, Excalibur multi-laser field security system. 

Matt Sharpe Raleigh, NC

Email: URL:  Matt's L03 Camaro Site

Ride:  1992 RS

Info & Mods:  L03 TBI, 16" Z-28 wheels, Dark Red Metallic (2nd rarest color for that year), t-tops, K&N air filter, Flowmaster 40 series Delta Flow, Superchip, Accel Super Coil, MSD Heli-Core 8mm wires, thermac removed from air cleaner assembly, SpiralMax installed, 180 stat, Edelbrock open element air cleaner, Catco cat, Competition sub-frame connectors, March underdrive pulleys.

Dear Sirs,
I just wanted to update you on my experience with the SpiralMax ®. My business is to deliver appliances and furniture sold by the local Sears and Montgomery Wards here in Ardmore, Oklahoma. My delivery vehicle is a 1997 Ford XL F-150 pick up with the 4.2 litre, v-6 motor. A few months ago, Mr. Ken Butts installed a single unit in my truck. While I did notice an impressive increase in the power of the truck, I did not gain any increase in mileage. As a result, I was somewhat disappointed. However, last week, Mr. Butts convinced me to add a second unit to the truck. I agreed, and am glad I did! When I left the premises, I could tell immediately that the truck had even more power than with one unit. I was anxious to check for any mileage increase, and I was not disappointed.  I reset the trip/mileage gauge every time I fill up my truck. The history of the truck has been very consistent. I usually gets 10.1 miles per gallon. On the gauge it registers use of 3/4 of a tank of gas in the 200-205 miles. This is week in, week out, trip after trip, that is before the installation of the second SpiralMax ®! As I drove on my rounds the day of the installation of the second unit, I noticed the gas gauge didn't seem to be moving! When normally it would be at 3/4 of a tank, it still said full! And when the trip gauge read that I had gone my normal 200-205 mile before fill-up, the gauge still read 1/2 tank! In actual calculation my mileage had gone from the normal 10.1 to 14.3 mpg.! That is a 35% increase in mileage. Needless to say, I am very impressed! The second SpiralMax ® made a 1/4 tank difference under the same normal driving conditions! At this savings it doesn't take but a short time for this product to pay for itself many times over! I want to thank K&D PowerPerformance for introducing me to this
fantastic product. I have already started telling everyone I know about what it has done for me! In Appreciation, Chuck Ramsay Ramsay Hauling OCC: State License 07561
US DOT: Certified Ardmore, Ok. 83401

My name is Don K. Preston. I am the minister for the Ardmore church of Christ in Ardmore, Oklahoma. My hobby for over 25 years has been the restoration of classic Mustangs, and other classic automobiles. In one way or the other, I have been involved in the automotive field most of my life. I recently purchased a SpiralMax ® and installed it on my 1994 Pontiac Bonneville SE that has the 3800 motor (Series One). Bob told me that due to the factory installed screen in front of the throttle body that I might see limited results. Before I installed the unit I took the car out on my road for a test run (or several!) In a 1/5th mile run, I was consistently averaging 64-65 mph. I should also note that I have carefully calculated my MPG many times on this car and have never gotten over 26mpg.  After driving the car for several days without the unit, and taking note of its performance, I finally installed the unit, disconnecting the battery for approximately an hour. After driving the car for three days I told my wife that I could not tell any "dramatic" difference, although there were a few times that I thought it did in fact, have a little more "grunt" on takeoff.  Finally, I decided to test it on my road. I was more than a little surprised. My MPH had now jumped to over 68MPH! A noticeable difference indeed. Furthermore, just today, I was able to take a good solid MPG test. (I always fill up at the same station). I traveled 289.6 miles, and it took 9.9 gallons to fill up. That calculates to 29.2 MPG! That is a very substantial mileage increase!  I just wanted to share this with you - and anyone interested in knowing about SpiralMax ®. This is an impressive product!
Thanks for introducing me to it.            Don K. Preston Ardmore Church of Christ Ardmore, OK

SpiralMax ® at 7,436 ft. Altitude



1990 Acura Integra

Okay, when I first received your package in the mail yesterday, I looked at the SpiralMax and thought "What? This is it?". Needless to say, I installed it into my Integra out of
curiosity. This process took 5 minutes, a screwdriver, and a pair of pliers. It went in considerably well since I use an after-market intake system. Following the instructions, I
removed my battery terminals for about 20 minutes (I couldn't wait 30), and restarted my car. During its "re-programming" stage, I noticed my idle RPM went from 750 to about 400! Time for a test drive! The accelerator was extremely responsive now, and when I floored it, it felt like the car wanted to leave me behind! When the engine is above 3,000-3,500 RPMs, the power is very noticeable. I don't have any MPG results yet, but it IS my second day enjoying the SpiralMax. I'll get back to you with those later on. I love this product, and they couldn't BUY it back from me, if they wanted to! Thanks SpiralMax!

Jonathan Bernal

Jonathan V. Bernal Contour Software Inc. 700 W. Hamilton Ave. Campbell, CA. 95008
800-777-1718, 408-370-1700, fax. 408-370-0366 ext. 1034

From: Daniel Smith <>
Message-ID: <000b01bf0bba$12468fa0$6517d3c6@oemcomputer>

I just received my SpiralMax ® today, I put it in the hose end directly in front of the throttle body (its less then 1" from the throttle body) on my 92 1.6L mazda miata.It felt kind of loose in there is the force created by the racing beat cai power pulse intake going
dislodge the SpiralMax ® into the throttle body??? should I also reset the ECU? All the other modifications I have done all worked in harmony with the existing ECU is it possible that the computer adjusts itself to compensate for changes in the engine without reset? Either way when I took it out the rpms at idle were up 50-100 rpms and I could hit 50mph in second gear without going to the rev limit before it was 40 mph tops!!! The top end is vastly more powerful in the 5000rpm+ range!!!!!! and the sound is unbelievable like a jet on take off!! Between the SpiralMax ®, the cai intake, and the borla free-flow exhaust what a rush if I reset the ECU and it gets even better I will put one in every car I own, friends and family too ... Dan

Alfa Romeo 156

Yes, I've received the swirls. I'd like to say, that it's really works! Actually, my main concern was to get additional power. The car is slightly more powerful form the start, but acceleration thru gears is definitely better. Fuel wasn't that much important, but it's around 10% better now.
Thank you very much. I'm having a performance tuning company over here. I'm very interested to get the dealership for your product. So, if you're looking for an outlet at the Middle East, please let me know your conditions, prices, etc.

Thanks for your mail. I haven't tried any 1/4 mile runs yet. Actually, I can feel the car breath easier, and it's more responsive , specially in second and third from 4000 to 7500 rpm. As to the fuel consumption it's as simple as that: I was doing 440-450 kms with tank of 63 liters, now I'm doing 500-510 kms. But I presume when the temperatures will rise,
it will drop a bit (now ot's "only" 48 C). I'll keep you posted on that.

Best regards-Michael Mazine, MAXX Performance Cars P.O.Box 21089 Sharjah United Arab Emirates - Web Site:

I installed a SpiralMax® into a '97 BMW Z3/1.9 and I noticed that it gave me about 10 more horses and 2 extra mpg. This device is incredible. Thanks again. Seymour Schwalem, Hamburg NJ

SpiralMax Users Corner Photo

I have finally installed SpiralMax and I am pleased to report that I am very satisfied with the results. I am the proud owner of a 1997 Grand Prix GTP Supercharged. I normally get 20 miles to the gallon. This statistic takes into consideration both City and Highway driving. So it is a very accurate average of my daily and weekend driving habits. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of the actual readout on the Driver Information Display before the application of the SpiralMax product. I have attached pictures of the engine and the exact positions of the installed device. I would have liked to install the Primary position device so that the vortex was facing the crank case, but due to the form of the hose, this was not possible. Anyway, I have seen at least a 3.5 MPG increase and this figure is still going up as far as I can tell. If I see any more dramatic improvements, I will be sure to inform you.

Thanks for a great product.
Frederick M. Nwokobia <>

PS. If you look at Air Intake Systems Wish, the gray box indicate where Spiral Max is currently installed. The white box indicates where I would like it to be but was unable to the sharp curvature of the hose and short length.

I purchased two SpiralMax® units for the intake of my '92 Buick Regal. I was able to notice a power increase immediately. 0-60 times were down by 0.2 seconds. This was nice, but I was really impressed by the increase in fuel mileage. (24.66 mpg before to 28.74 mpg after, tested over 5 tanks of gas). Personally, I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Mohawk College where I easily carry a 4.0 grade point average. When I'm done school, I would like to obtain an engineering position with one of the big Winston Cup teams. My main interests are cars and racing...

Adam West, Hamilton Ontario Canada

The '95 V6 Vortec Chev. Blazer, 4 door LT improved quite nicely. Normal city and beltway driving average was 14-16 mpg and 17-19 mpg on the interstate system. I use Amoco mid-range octane fuel. After six or so tank full's, I am please to report a solid 20 mpg in the city, and nearly 24 mpg on the interstate. Acceleration is smoother. Less rpm required to move in and out of traffic with quicker max out of rpm's at shift points...happy is an understatement! WH, Chevy Chase, MD

My name is Chris Cooper, I own a '94 V6 3.4 liter Chevrolet Camaro. The first time I put the SpiralMax® air twisters in my car I could feel the difference right off the start.. oh so much better mpgs it averaged 25 mpg on the highway before, now even though I've been driving more aggressively to check the new power and it averages 33 mpg on the highway..with only a few more mods, I will be taking out Mustang GT's! :) Only two words to say about your product (truly awesome)!Thank you.  Chris Cooper

1997 Cavalier- I have noticed a great change with one unit already installed and have estimated about 5 mpg more on the highway. Thank you. Bret Dougherty, Yorba Linda, CA

After the gasoline formula was changed in Calif., the performance of my '95 Chrysler Cirrus V-6 suffered. With the easy installation of the SpiralMax insert into the air intake system hose, that lost performance was recovered, and then some. My wife even noticed a difference. Acceleration increased immediately, gas pedal response was enhanced, resulting in better driving gas mileage has increased from 24.8 mpg to 29.44 mpg. SpiralMax ® delivers. D.G. Lubbock, CA

1998 Dodge Avenger- I was very uneasy on some of the claims that were made about this product, so I decided to install them and give it a try. The installation process was easy enough, it only took about five minutes with simple just a Phillips screwdriver. I noticed more power in the 30 mph-70 mph range, and better throttle response overall. I was still wondering if my gas mileage would increase any. Before I had been averaging about 275-300 miles on one tank, after SpiralMax ® my gas mileage increased to 360-380 miles. I could not believe my gas mileage increased 25-30%. That was an outstanding increase. I am extremely pleased with this product, and it holds true to all the claims your company has made. I have enjoyed doing business with your company, keep the good work up! Jason McCutcheon, Scranton, SC

1995 Dodge Avenger ES 6, 24 valve, SOHC- I installed the SpiralMax ® over Christmas break one afternoon. Installation was rather easy-a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Wow, was I amazed! You could tell a sizable increase in power about the 4000-5000 rpm range. I had always had a weak spot about 3200 rpm-this was the perfect fix. During the next weeks I took various mpg readings-around 700 miles worth. That was when the big surprise came- from 15 mpg before to 21 mpg around town now! I tend to drive with a little bit of lead foot so you light footers out there expect an even greater increase! My overall results were great!

Thanks SpiralMax ®!!!! Mike Munsey, Virginia Tech.

1995 Neon Sport 4 cyl. 2.0 DOHC 16 valve- I purchased two of your units and put one by the filter and the other by the throttle plat. Wow! The car is a rocket! I have also noticed a 3-4 mpg increase in my fuel efficiency ... Scott Seymour, Behtlehem, PA

1997 Dodge, Stratus, V-6 168HP with auto stick- I failed to lift the negative battery terminal, so initial reaction was disappointing, no change. Finally, I re re-read the installation instructions, and reset the air-fuel computer by lifting the negative for 5 minutes. You need to highlight that instruction. Results are phenomenal: It went from 23.8 to 32.5 mpg, +9 mpg, and 168 hp to 225 hp +60 hp. Thank you!!! Gerry Crockett, Novato, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I installed the SpiralMax in my '95 Talon about a week ago and I have noticed smoother throttle operation and instant response. I am planning on ordering another unit soon. Thanx for a great way to turbocharge my car!! Alexei Piljan, Bloomfield Hills, MI

I would like to say that SpiralMax ® is a great product for the money. Everything you advertised was true. I have a l995 Ford Contour SE with 170 HP V6 engine. I installed the SpiralMax ® and I estimate 15-20 hp increase in performance. I also installed the SpiralMax in my 1967 Ford Mustang which has v-8 engine with a 4bbl carb. I estimate a 15-20 HP gain noticeable in the upper range (3500-5200). Thanks SpiralMax ®.

Norman Anderson, Durham N.C.

I see a lot of products in my business, but I'm really impressed with the SpiralMax ®. I drive a '92 Ford Explorer and the first thing I noticed was a surprise increase in horsepower! Secondly, I noticed that using regular unleaded gas acted like mid-range or better gas. My car not only runs smoother now, but I'm getting 10-12% better gas mileage. I like this product so much that I've recommended it to most all my friends.

Brian Zink, Media Broadcast Services-Glendale CA

From Mustang Times, the official publication of Mustang Club USA... Installation was simple...The '94 GT is equipped with a 5 speed transmission and a mostly stock 5.0 engine. This car was noticeably more responsive at the 3,000 rpm and above after installing the SpiralMax ®. The '91 GT is equipped with an automatic transmission and it too responded positively to the installation of the SpiralMax ®. The '91 seemed to pull harder at open throttle through all the shifts of the automatic transmission. Swirling the air as it enters the intake gives better combustion and makes some additional horsepower available for your car. Tony Garcia, Editor

1996 Mustang GT V8 4.6L EFI- Installation was easy...I find that I enjoy entertaining myself with the quick and slick throttle response, particularly in traffic. On the freeways, I run about 5 mph faster with the SpiralMax ® than "normal" with the same rpm. And in 5th gear at 2500 rpm, the car has plenty of reserve for acceleration. I don't know that I have seen any improvement in fuel consumption ... probably because I'm driving more aggressively and entertaining myself more often. All in all, everything you say about SpiralMax ® has proved accurate. My objective was to find more power without spending a ton of money ... and to keep the car under factory and extended warranties. So
far.. lot's of good! John Long

1995 Honda Civic EX- The units provided a little extra power that I can feel, but he biggest improvements was in mileage and engine smoothness. Thanks to the units, I can use a lower grade fuel and still keep performance. When I drive with the air conditioner on the engine would have to work harder, but with SpiralMax ® (units in place, the engine does not work as hard as it used to. The SpiralMax ® units have proved to be beneficial.  Noel Linton

I have installed your SpiralMax Turbo Air Twister in three cars: a '91 Infiniti M-30, a '93 MBZ 300E/3.2 engine, and a '97 Lexus ES300. Results in each vehicle were indeed amazing. The increase in engine power was startling with at least 10-12 % improvement in fuel mileage in each car. On the '97 Lexus ES300 the increase in power was absolutely awesome! The estimate power increase with two units is at least 45-50 hp., giving the ES300 competitive power with the LS400 Lexus; most astonishing especially in view of the minimum investment in the dual Twister and their simple installation. I noticed no significant increase in fuel mileage from dual vs single Twister, the gain is in power! Silas W. Purvis, Colonel, USAF-rt.

"I'm thrilled with SpiralMax. It is revolutionary! I'm a car designer by profession. In fact, I designed the Mazda RX7 sports car...., The performance of SpiralMax is stunning. I immediately noticed a significant increase in power and acceleration within the first few blocks of driving.....My RX7 used to average 200 miles range on a full tank of gas. Now it averages 250 miles on the same tank of gas. That's a full 25% improvement. I will recommend this product to everyone. It cam simply help the planet."-- B. Sorensen-- Sorensen Design Assoc. Inc.

"I am an automotive instructor, and teach at East Los Angeles College Automotive Tech Dept. I drive a '87 Chevrolet Caprice with 8 cyl/350 engine, and 150K miles on it. I am very pleased with SpiralMax. It took less than 10 seconds to install and the performance increased 10-15% in power immediately. Now after 4 weeks and several tanks of gas, the mileage increased 40-50 miles per tank consistently. Best of all, there is nothing to maintain on this part! " --D. Encinas-- Automotive Tech Instructor

1984 Mustang

"I have a '84 Mustang 5.0 with a Holly 4 Barrel Carburetor. I have done the usual modifications: Exhaust, Camshaft, etc. But with SpiralMax, I have gotten a minimum 20% increase in HP and it seems like it gets more horsepower everyday, not to mention the better mileage. I went from 12 MPG to 15 MPG. WOW!!!!!!!!!" --Robert Strickland-- Automotive Technician

"I am a retired teamster truck driver, owning a 1983 Ford 3 1/4 ton Diesel pick up with 5th wheel and haul a 30ft trailer. We just got back from a 1500 miles trip to Kingman, Arizona and are very delighted with SpiralMax's performance. We gained at least 2 MPG and experienced a 20-25% increase in horsepower. Going up hills and long grades, we could really feel the hauling power. I have been on these roads before and the same vehicle, and loaded in essentially the same way would always be sluggish, but not anymore." --Paul Donoven-- Truck driver

"I recently had SpiralMax installed into my 1986 Porsche 944 . I must say the performance improvements were dramatic and immediately felt. The throttle response is much quicker, the gas mileage has improved from 21.3 MPG to 27.3 MPG during city driving." --Don Kotes-- Manager, Thai Tour

"I work for Domino's Pizza and drive a Chevy Cavalier 80 miles a day. The SpiralMax has helped to increase my MPG 3 to 4 miles per gallon. I couldn't believe it. But sure enough I had the same result for the very next month. Thanks to SpiralMax! I am keeping more cash in my wallet now!" --Alex Solano-- Covina, CA

"Just a quick line to let you know how much I enjoy your SpiralMax. I drive a 1993 Mustang GT-5.0. I know it is a quick car, but after I installed SpiralMax, I found a dramatic increase in Acceleration and power. I just gets up and move!" --Andrew Avalor-- Firefighter

"I purchased a 1986 BMW 325es. After the SpiralMax was installed. the torque and overall response was much improved. I gained 10 to 15% HP instantly, maybe more. My fuel economy has also improved by about 30 miles a tank." --Felicien Lake--

"As a new user of your SpiralMax system, I am happy to say that I am thrilled with the results. Without direct Dynamometer result, it seems to me my '95 GMC Jimmy Special with the VORTEC engine is now even higher powered! I experienced at least 20-40% increase in HP and 15-25% increase in gas savings." --Jack Swede-- Reseda, CA

"I have a '86 Toyota Cressida with 98,000 miles on it . After installed a SpiralMax, the performance of my car improved greatly. On a 15-gal. tank, I was doing 240 miles before, now it is 330 miles, a 37.5% improvement. That's amazing!" --David Hsiao-- Owner of Jumbo Printer Shop

"Thank You! SpiralMax. This device made my Pontiac Fiero perform smoothly along with a much faster acceleration. I honestly felt an unbelievable 20 HP gain from this inexpensive device. I have gotten better mileage and I also saved a lot of gas. It paid me back gas within 2 months. It felt like I didn't spend a dime for this device. This is an incredible deal and so do my friends." --B.J. Iiagan-- San Bernardino, CA

"I own a 1989 Nissan 240SX with 74,000 miles on it. I am very happy to conclude that upon installation and driving, it was money well spent. I estimated 10 to 15 more HP and there is better throttle response." --Richard Stuart-- Auto dealer, Washington D.C.

"I am writing you a note to summarize my experience with SpiralMax, which is now in excess of 2.5 months. Immediately upon installation, my 1981 Toyota Celica showed the idle speed increased about 300 RPM which would indicate that the gas was being utilized more efficiently, the same amount of gas producing more power and it has never lessened, only improved at least 20 %." --Ron Noble-- Pastor

MPG Test Results By Mike Munsey, Student (College: Virginia Tech)

1995 Dodge Avenger ES
6 cylinder, 24 valve, SOHC - by Mitsubitshi Motors, USA

One day last year my college roommate came in with an advertisement for SpiralMax.  We had just studied the week before about the importance of proper combustion in an automobile motor in one of our Mechanical Engineering classes.  We had to have one!  We tried to imagine how this mechanism would work.  Would it be another mechanical piece that would eventually wear out, break, and destroy our motors?  After jumping on the WWW and taking a look at the picture we were amazed at how simple it was.  Stainless steel, also to our enjoyment!  A couple months later I purchased a SpiralMax and agreed to provide a MPG report.

I installed the SpiralMax over Christmas break one afternoon. Installation was rather easy - a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.  Wow, was I amazed!  You could tell a sizable increase in power about the 4000-5000rpm range.  I had always had a weak spot about 3200rpm - this was the perfect fix.  During the next weeks I took various mpg readings - around 700 miles worth.  This was when the big surprise came - from 15mpg, before, to 21mpg around town now!  I tend to drive with a little bit of a "lead foot" so you "light footers" out there expect and even greater increase!  My overall results were great!  Thanks SpiralMax!!!!

**** 1995 Dodge Avenger ES MPG Test
  Without SpiralMax
Test    Miles   Gallons MPG      Gas    Driving Condition
1       250.00  14.30   17.48   87.00   city
2       243.50  14.00   17.39   87.00   city
3       309.00  13.00   23.77   87.00   highway
4       315.10  13.49   23.36   87.00   highway
5       181.20  11.86   15.28   89.00   hard city
6       125.00   8.30   15.06   87.00   hard city
7       304.00  14.10   21.56   87.00   1/2 highway-1/2 city

Without SpiralMax® Average MPG = 19.129

  With SpiralMax®:

Test    Miles   Gallons MPG      Gas    Driving Condition
1        64.20   2.27   28.28   87.00   highway
2       250.30  12.51   20.01   87.00   hard city
3       318.20  14.20   22.41   87.00   hard city
4       341.00  11.71   29.12   87.00   highway
5       345.20  14.05   24.57   89.00   city
6       215.00   9.32   23.07   89.00   city

With SpiralMax®  Average MPG = 24.577

Told you that I would write if the unit works. First off, thanks for the two units for my 98 Integra GSR! I only installed one unit on my car about 2 weeks ago because I was still skeptical. At first, I noticed very little difference.  However, I decided to remove the unit last night to compare the results. Wow did I notice the difference! As soon as I stepped on the gas peddle I notice a significant loss of power in my vehicle. Now convinced that spiralmax actually works, I put the unit back in and then also installed the second unit. Removed the negative on my car battery for 30 minutes and ran another test drive. Immediately I felt the extra power. I would say that my car gained about 9 to 10 percent more horsepower. As for better MPG, I could not really tell because I have been driving faster than usual:) I expect to buy more units in the near future for my friends and relatives. Ban Tang San Jose, CA SpiralMax Users Corner Photo

Hey, it's Mike Wohler again. Yes I am a happy customer. I purchased 2 Spiralmax's for my car. It only took about 5 mins to install them and noticed an immediate difference. It has much quicker throttle response at low end and on the highway I never paid attention to the gas mileage because I drag race from red light to red light pretty much all the time. My main concern was the horsepower and with that I'm satisfied!

I have a '95 Saturn SL2 and current mods include:

17x7 2 piece Motorsport Design RS Competitions, 205x40x17 Toyo Proxe FZ4's, Intrax 2 1\2" drop spring, Racer Design straight thru muff with custom made 2 1\2" cat back piping, Hotshot chrome intake with K&N filter, Nology Hotwires & Beru silverstone plugs, 2 Spiralmax's; one at intake & one at filter, Center Force Duel Friction high performance clutch (that I proudly installed myself), Custom made front grill (I made myself)Erubini BMW style adjustable Touring Wing. And a bunch of cosmetics: painted interior, shifter nob, race pedals, tint, race, stripes, clear side markers , OBX ionized blue fog lamps. - Mike Wohler <>

I would like to confirm that your device brought some nice improvement to the performance of my non-turbo Mitsubishi 3000GT.After 30K miles, I noticed that my engine needed a little lift-up. Nominal horsepower rating for this car is 218 hp. Without running any dyno test, I can easily feel maybe up to 10% power increase and the engine definitely breathes better.

I tried one SpiralMax® first and it was fine but a second installed unit did actually improve the carburetion!

I didn't notice any MPG level improvement, but I know I have been using the extra horsepower.

Please quote me in your user feedback list, I am satisfied with your product.

Best Regards, Oliver Garreau - Electronics Engineer

I installed 2 SpiralMax® units in my car (1995 Honda Accord vtec 4/2.2 45,000 miles); one in the clean air intake and one at the snorkel before the air filter as an experiment.

Each unit was tested separately and each produced substantial increase in hp, acceleration, and torque. The 2nd unit in the snorkel was actually a little more power than the first. Estimated power gain was 15 hp just on the city driving alone.

After I do some serious highway and mpg tests, I may have more good things to say.

Ron Setiawun, College Management Information Systems Major

Driving a machine that has enough HP and speed to rattle you from head to toe is one of the best things that ever happened to MAN KIND. I have a Porsche 911 with two turbos, one on each side. Out of a 6 cyl. eng. I get 390 hp at the wheels. One of my friends gave me a couple of SpiralMax® units, I had no idea what it was. I said to myself, it wouldn't hurt and put it in. My buddy Ricky said he wanted the first run. He got in, all I saw was the front wheels lifted off about 5 inches and smoke. Later he told me, the car was doing at least 450 to 475hp,that is 20-25% (about 70 hp) increase. The fastest I went in that car was 180 mph, I tested with the SpiralMax® I saw the speedometer going at 195 mph. SpiralMax is great, thanks for the hp. Tommy Sommal - San Francisco, Calif. Note: The l999 Porsche 996 turbo is 450 hp with top speed of 184 mph.
Estimated price is $79,500 range. (B.H.)


I really enjoy your product. It's simple, yet works great. I haven't had time to G-tech my car with and w/o the SpiralMax® so I can't tell if there is an improvement in 1/4 mile times. At low end, the car seems to pull much easier as well as run w/o excess stress on the engine which I believe will prolong the life of my engine. With all my performance
mods, I was beginning to lose my regular gas mileage readings. Before I couldn't drive more than 300 miles to the tank. Now I can drive 330-340 miles to the tank. Just being able to gain better gas mileage was worth the money.

I am interested in more performance applications for my '92 Nissan 240 SX. I would get another unit, but do not have the money. Thank you for checking up on your customers. This shows that you guys stand behind your product. B.N. Kansas

My name is Rick Stuart Jr. and I work in a auto dealership in Spokane, Washington. I own a l989 Nissan 240 SX with 74,000 miles on it. It is basically a stock car except for an after market computer controlled ignition.

I saw your ad for the Spiralmax in a Auto Trader magazine and decided to try it. I'm happy to say that it was money well spent. I estimated 10-15 more horsepower and there is better throttle response. These are the great benefits given from the SpiralMax application on this particular car. In conclusion, I would recommend this product to anyone. Sincerely, Rick Stuart - Spokane, Wa.

I have a 95 Chevy Beretta Z26. I don't have any numbers, but I did feel a big difference, maybe 10 horsepower, with the SpiralMax. The mileage got better, I'm pretty sure, but I don't have any numbers. I just sold the Beretta and bought a 93 VW Corrado SLC with a VR6. I want to get a good feel for the car before I put the SpiralMax in. Right now, I am averaging 20.8 MPG per tank, which is a combination of city and highway driving. I will get back to you with my results. Andy Helgeby

I installed a spiralmax into a 1997 BMW Z3/1.9 and I noticed that it gave me about 10 more horses and 2 extra miles per gallon. This device is incredible. Thanks again. Sincerely, Seymour Schwalem - Hamburg, NJ 07419

I never thought it possible to get blood from a turnip. But it has happened. My wife's 3 cyl. Daihatsu is the turnip that now squeezes blood in the form of horsepower to the front CV axle of this little econo-mini.

At first, I put very little hope in the SpiralMax and its simplicity to add anything noticeable to the drive. It was too simple, it wasn't enough. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Here in San Francisco we have hills, it's all we have on all our roads. Well guess what the Daihatsu does on the famous Waldo Grade leading to the Golden Gate Bridge? No more running starts down in the Mill Valley. I upshift normally out of Sausalito just south of Mill Valley and start climbing. it just sails right up the tunnel in fourth gear at 55 to 60 mph. No more downshifts to the third at 45 or 50. Twisting the air molecules before they enter the throttle body has made a big difference in good combustion. Mileage is up 3.5, first tank. Blood from a turnip. I suspect emissions will be lower with those kinds of results. Thank you. PS: My '88 Canmry gets the next Spiralmax. Bill Stone, Bill's Mobil Auto Service - San Francisco, Ca.

Guys...You're not going to believe this. In my previous post, I told you how I was joyous about installing the two Spiralmax® units in the air intake system of my Q45a. I must say that I felt a difference in the car's performance and was delighted to have purchased the product.

Now, I must explain something to you. When I installed the product, I was so hyped up when the two units arrived, that I just installed them without reading the instructions. Get this, I installed them the wrong way around! When I read the installation guide, I realized what I had done, and immediately reversed the units inside the air intake hose. During my second installation, I realized that one of the smaller hoses that I completely disconnected from the main air intake pipe, was still disconnected! Meaning, not only was I not getting proper air turbulence but the air intake system was not functioning properly, and I STILL noticed an improvement!

After the second installation- words fail me. Let me be a little profane and say HOLY SHIT! The difference is incredible! I reset the ECU for the second time and immediately noticed a big improvement in throttle response. I couldn't believe it. Congratulations on a wonderful product.

I do have a suggestion- if you state on the phone or on the web site to read the installation guide before installing AND make different etched markings on the unit itself, it will prevent further mis-installations of this device. I would be willing to bet that the people who did not see any gains or improvements in their engine performance are experiencing these symptoms due to improper installation. On the unit, there is an etching which looks like an arrow, next to which is written "air". This led me to believe that I should be installing the unit pointing the arrow of the direction which the air travels. This is the most intuitive way of reading that etching. And that's why I installed it improperly. If you would reverse the arrow, and next to it etch in "airflow" or "direction of air flow" it would make more sense. Although, I SHOULD have read the installation guide. Just trying to help .... Yet again, great product! Thank you. Albert Bryndza

In reference to the item I purchased thorough your company, the SpiralMax Turbo Air Twister, it is really awesome. I have a '96 Trans Am with the WS6 Ram Air Package, that is tricked out. When I installed the part, I noticed the difference right away. I can't think of a quicker, easier, and of course cheaper way to gain 30 HP's.

I definitely will be ordering more, and will spread the word to my friends.
Thanks Again Guys, Joey Stellino

When I first heard of the SpiralMax® I was very skeptical but I knew I had nothing to lose by trying it because it was a 30 day money back guaranteed product. Being the skeptic that I am I was gong to put this product to the test. Before I bought the SpiralMax®, I recorded exactly how many miles per gallon my car got and how fast my car accelerated. In time, I bought the product. From the first day the SpiralMax® was installed into my car I felt a sudden amount of increase in the horsepower. Since I had an '88 TransAm which already had high horsepower the fact that I got more horsepower was a plus. What did amaze me the most with the product was the fact that my car actually got more miles. This was a huge improvement especially for a car that guzzles down gas like water. Not only did I feel more horsepower and travel more miles but it continued to increase in the weeks to come. In no time, the money I save for gas automatically repaid for the SpiralMax®. Any other miles after that were free miles. I was so impressed with this product that I began to recommend it to family and friends. The SpiralMax® has been the best modification I've ever made to my car and I'm only glad I as able to find this extraordinary product in the first place. Thank you SpiralMax®. Another satisfied customer, Victor A. Chacon

SPC. Xavier S Sandoval
U.S. Army-Medical Laboratory Technician

Dear Sir:

One day I read an advertisement in AUTO WEEK magazine that read, "Supercharge any car...". I saw that and said, "I need more power, let's give it a try"! I have a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS non-turbo with an ICEMAN Cool Air System, a Nitrous Oxide System, a modified
exhaust and computer within the car. When I installed one unit of the SPIRALMAX TURBO AIR TWISTER, I felt a dramatic increase in horsepower and throttle response.

I installed one unit, drove about 2 miles and noticed that it made my car literally feel like it was moving with a shot of nitrous! The boost was surprisingly powerful. I was astounded by how the TWISTER actually made my car perform. I am very pleased with the unit.

I was then told, "for double the boost, you can add another unit". From the response of the first unit, I'm now going to order another. I can't wait to get it! They are within my budget and makes the car perform unlike anything else out there at such a remarkably low price!

Your SPIRALMAX TURBO AIR TWISTER is awesome and is now my secret weapon on the streets!! Thanks a lot for the powerful weapon you've given me under the hood!

Sincerely, /s Xavier Sandoval, SPC US Army.

Subject: A Good Feeling l995 Eclipse GS non turbo
From: Xavier S Sandoval

Good morning! Listen, I will be flying to San Antonio this week and I know lots of people down there. I'll be sure to spread the word about SpiralMax "kits". In response to gas savings, I just want to let you know that in the city driving, I notice a big increase in gas mileage gained. I usually get about 393 miles to a tank. Since the two units of SpiralMax®, my gas output per tank is now around 500 miles, which breaks down to about 250 miles per half a tank. I was really surprised with it at that. The real surprising thing is I still drive like a bat out of hell at the lights and notice that the gauge doesn't even budge! That's awesome! BTW, I'm in the process of looking for a place to do the
signs on my car. There's not much out here in El Paso, but I'm looking around!! Keep in touch! Xavier

I have got a 98 Mitsu. Eclipse. I have two SpiralMax (S.M.) in the intake arm. The arm is from Sierra Performance w/ a Weapon-R filter. I have got one S.M. about 6in from the throttle body and the other right at the air filter. With the S.M. I gained almost 2 tenths of a second in the quarter mile. My times are pretty accurate ranging from 17.2 to 17.0. I know that seems kinda slow but the elevation is high here and it takes almost a full second off as opposed to sea level. If yall can help me break into the 16's just by moving the SpiralMaxes I will be greatly appreciative.

Also will you all have a booth at the Import Auto Salon? Some of my car club buddies and I are planning on going, we hope to pick up some new parts because good parts are hard to find here.

Well let me know about that information, and I will run it at the track that week and I will e-mail you back the results. Gabriel Rodriguez, El Paso, Texas
CAMERA.GIF (211 bytes)

I'm very pleased with the SpiralMax®. I'm a produce manager by trade and I have a '89 Corvette 6 speed, V-8. It was already very responsive, but with Spiralmax® it's even better. I was getting about 12 mpg in the city because it's a aggressive car, and the stop and go driving, now I get 16 mpg city, and 29 mpg highway with the air going in city and highway. It has more power at the rear wheels, I can feel it off the line, its outstanding, to think a device this inexpensive can do this. I'm also getting at least 50 more miles per tank. Thank you.

Michael Killian - Idaho Falls, Idaho Telephone: (208) 523-6011

t_college.jpg (17982 bytes)


Tougaloo, Mississippi 39174

January 11, 1999

Open Letter

I have been using a "Spiral-Max" Turbo-Twister in my tweaked out. 1986 Buick Century 2.5 liter, four-cylinder for well over a week now and I have truly been impressed. Four years ago I had the stock muffler and stock catalytic converter removed and reinstalled a premium flow muffler (at the time), a much smaller less restrictive catalytic converter, racing spark plug wires and hotter plugs... Two months ago I decided to go for even better performance so I gutted the exhaust system again. This time I installed and even newer and ultra-flow muffler, and again replaced the catalytic converter with a new clean one, and even hotter spark plugs and wires.

The car performed significantly better and faster, but the automatic transmission tended to stay in a higher gear and revved higher, plus my gas mileage caused me to visit the gas stations more often. I had upgraded the speed and performance but I paid more at the gasoline pumps I had been noticing this 1-800 number in the Classified Section of some Major National car magazines for the "SpiralMax" Turbo-Twister, listened to company's telephone recording of what it would and was designed to do. Always looking for relatively-inexpensive ways to increase the speed and performance of my car; I finally called the company and ordered a "Spiral-Max" Turbo-Twister designed for my TBI engine (the Company has models designed for any engine however). The day I received the box, opened it and held the product in my hand, I must say I had my doubts due to the simple though effective appearance of the "Spiral-Max' Turbo-Twister. However, the installation instructions were clear so I installed it myself in about 15 to 20 minutes between the air filter intake and the flexible air intake hose. Fired the engine up and drove first on the Interstate Highway for about three miles and back; then I spent about two more hours driving through the city streets in stop and go traffic running a few errands I had to do... WoW! was I impressed at/by the changes this new device, the stationary "Spiralmax" Turbo-Twister made! First, spinning and swirling of the air into air filter chamber smoothed out the car running in a higher gear and revving high all the time. By increasing the flow of air going into the engine's cyclinders, the burn was -much- more efficient and my car revved lower and instead of staying in the higher gears, it now pulled from take-off smoothly through each gear and into the next. This allowed me to drive slower, but knowing the problem had been solved I still could stomp accelerator from a standing start or at any speed and the "Spiral Max" Turbo-Twister would do its job bring on the power straight through the power-band of the engine without any problem. Second, I have made a 200 mile round trip since and saw that my mileage improved by about 15 per-cent, including additional horsepower of some 12 to 14 per cent. I am truly pleased and most impressed by this simple, though highly effective device; you install it and it just sits there where its placed and does its job so well with -no- moving parts and no energy pull or drain on any of the car's or engine's systems! Honestly, I truly can hardly wait to order a larger primary "Spiral-Max" Turbo-Twister for the "opening"- of my car's air-intake System... Bob, the inventor and owner of the company has a very-Innovative "do what it says it will do," product on today's automotive market... Try one (or two) you won't be disappointed, I assure you.

Signed, sincerely, Prof. Hillery Joseph Knight
Tougabo Collage - Jackson, Mississippi




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